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Ideal pairs prospects...athletic and stunning appearance
Gorgeous RED duns!

BRF Oreo
DOB May 13.2008 Orka/Lili     US$ 8000 

Oreo is a very special colt. Very good looking. He would have been an excellent stallion but we decided that his life would be easier as a good mount or a good driving horse. He is a red dun but has no red at all in his mane. The forelock is all blonde, the dorsal stripe in his mane is more grayish, very light in color, and his tail is blonde as well. 
BRF Lola
DOB May 16.2009 Orka/Lili        


The Blue Raven Farm foals have a high price tag.


BRF imported their breeding stock from Europe (Germany) 1999. 

The immense costs to import a European herd, along with significant bureaucratic work and costly quarantine requirements is only justifiable when the horses are outstanding. BRF imported only top of the line mares and an extraordinary stallion when they immigrated to Nova Scotia.

Pedigrees of BRF horses show that they descend in male or female lines from the most important bloodlines of the Modern Fjord Horse (spring issue Fjord Herald 2000). The herd includes offspring of: Torbjorn 1417, Gloppang 894, Ola Gik 1703, Valebu 1569, Rei Halsneas D462 NJ833, Grabb 1651, Dyre 1059, Safir 1717 and Jarmann 1788.

The stallion Njal 166 the “Founding Father” of the modern Fjord Horse shows his “Njal Mark” –a brown spot- on the faces of the most of the BRF horses. 

What else?

BRF foals are born in a herd and remain together with the mares and the stallion –and with their buddies. With all the freedom we provide, they get handled well (calm, friendly but firm) from the very beginning. The coming yearlings stand tied, pick up their feet politely, lead and go on the trailer. They are very confident, don´t kick or bite and do all that you can expect from such youngsters. 

Some North American Breeders go over to Europe to buy and import one or more foals or a stallion. Why not have a look domestically?  BRF has already done the import work for you.

Feel free to contact Inge Burr at BRF for any further information regarding their foals.  
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From Blue Raven Farm:
BRF Osten, red dun
DOB May 24, 2010

9500 US$

Osten is a full sibling to Oreo and Lola but darker in color.  I call him 'golden boy' as his fur has a golden shine in the sun!. 
Orka's Omen brown dun
Orka/Katrinedals Vanessa
DOB May 12, 2010

 10000 US$

This boy is already very tall and will at least reach the size of his dam. He has a wonderful character and beautiful gaits.
BRF Oberon, brown dun
DOB June 20, 2010

9500 US$

Wonderful dressage horses as well as jumpers come out of this cross; Oberon will grow tall.
BRF La Belle, brown dun
DOB May 28, 2008 

US $9000

No doubt about it... La Belle is a beauty. She is very sweet and loves attention and she will mature as a tall horse. Performance or breeding, trail riding, dressage... All that you want will be found in this filly. 

Voice of our Vet: She is perfect. If I only had the time, La Belle would be mine. She is so affectionate, she just wants to slip into my pocket.
BRF La Fina, brown dun
DOB May 28, 2010

8500  US$

All of our foals have beautiful markings but La Fina is perfect. She is very feminine, very elegant, and she will grow tall.
Katrinedals Vanessa
DOB  May 28, 2003                                                    

US $18,000

Vanessa is a beautiful mare with a very sweet character. She is very tall at 14.3 hh. Please visit the BRF website to read the extensive pedigree and experience of this mare.

From Wallace Point Fjords:
TSF Tarja, brown dun
Wags O'Thorson x Iduna Acres Gunda Mai
DOB  April 14, 2007

Tarja is a gorgeous 4-yr old mare with very femanine looks.  She has been trained under saddle and in harness. She is very athletic, with a rapid turnover in both her walk and trot.  She loves to canter.  Tarja will be a quality performance mare and is now ready for the start of her show career.  She has turned the heads of every visitor to the farm.  
TSF Terje, brown dun
Fair Acres Ole x A2Z Agnetta
DOB  April 15, 2007

Terje is an extremely willing 4-yr old mare with super gaits.  She has been trained under saddle and in harness.  She has very good extension and excellent reach.  Terje has a very comfortable jog and enjoys riding at that pace indefinitely.  She loves all disciplines.  She is very willing to try new challenges while not showing one bit of concern when presented with challenges.  
TSF Sjofn, brown dun
Blaaman x BDF Philippine
DOB  July 10, 2008

Sjofn is a charming 3-year old filly that appears as though she will mature at around 13.3 hh.  She has all of the quality movement she was bred for and exceeds both under saddle and in harness.  She was a very fast learner and should adapt to whatever strength is asked of her.  Sjofn is a wonderful prospect for someone looking for a quality mare.  
The training protocol at Wallace Point Fjords includes all of the following for young stock before they are made available to the market.  It is our goal to deliver fjords with a basic, but thorough and thoughtful degree of training.  Our young stock experience the training of a singular trainer and come ready to accept the ques of their new owners.  Steps taken with the young stock include:

  •  immediate and routine handing
  • trailer experience
  • early experience ponied on trails 
  • extensive in-hand training until age three
  • round pen work appropriate for age
  • at age three we start our foals under saddle with initial work in round pen, then to arena and trails
  • work under harness occurs commensurate with their individual development

Prior to our relocation to Nova Scotia, we made a thougtful and careful mission to acquire a strong herd of mares.  We selectively breed our herd to achieve a constant improvement to the breed.  We have two strong, athletic stallions who now aid us in this process.  While we never intend to be a large breeding operation, we will always provide quality to the market.  We love our piece of the North American Fjord herd and will occasionally make trained stock available for those fortunate others wishing to improve their herd.  

Feel free to contact Kathy Monroe at WPF for any further information regarding their foals.  
902.757.0185  --  --

Tarja  on left, Terge on right